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Business is Personal

When you need your job done right, you need to work with someONE, not someTHING. You need someone who can work with you. Someone who can interpret your needs. Someone who can bring your words to life.

For your audience to hear your message, they need to feel your words. And for that, you have to make a human connection. I will give your script the nuance, soul, and personal touch you and your audience are looking for. Reach out to me. Let’s work together to give your idea life, and to make it a reality. Because, when it comes to voiceover, I make your business personal.

Who will you be working with?

I’m an adventurer and lover of life. I began my creative journey by acting, singing, drawing, and playing multiple instruments at a fine arts school in Montreal. This foundation gave me the confidence to grow into an inquisitive and adventure-seeking woman. 

With a degree in psychology and communications, I was committed to seek out exciting opportunities. I decided to head out on the Maine seas to commercial fish during the winter, and to lead sea kayak tours during the summer. I listened to fishermen tell their high tales, and landlubbers long to leave the “real world” behind for a life on the sea. 

This was just the start of my varied adventures. I’ve gone from a Production Manager for a top selling stock photographer, to owning my own dog sitting/walking business. Ultimately, my ability to easily connect with others drew me to pursue a career in software sales, where I thrived as an innovative and skilled professional.

I base my life and my success on being a compassionate, collaborative and creatively confident human being. I thrive on trying new things, learning from failure, and working in partnership with people I respect and trust. I look forward to creating a fun, productive, and long-lasting partnership with you. Now, let’s go have fun!

Vocal Profile

Female age: 30-60

Calm, Competent, Warm Timbre, Clear, Pleasant, Soft, Even, Modulated, Cheerful

“A Voice like a campfire – warm, welcoming and inviting.

Putting people at ease, and inspiring connection.”


Corporate Videos
Museum / Tours
Telephony / IVR

Directed Sessions


MIcrosoft Teams


Google Meet


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Deborah Castle | 2023

Deborah Castle | voiceover | Creatively Confident. Unexpected Quirk.